C++ project CS115_IP2 SOLVED

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 C++ project CS115_IP2 SOLVED
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Use an IDE such as Visual Studio or Eclipse for C++ to produce this assignment In this assignment, continue working on the project that you started in Week1 according to the following details. You will design and implement at least 3 functions to allow customers to select products and quantities and to print the order summary (including the total price). You may use the sample code as the template.

Create a new C++ empty project titled “CS115_IP2_YourName” in the IDE.
Determine the functions that you need to create (you need at least 3).
Design and implement those functions in the IDE.
Your program should provide the following additional functionality (in addition to the functionality provided in Week1):Ask customers to select multiple products and quantities
Print the order summary, including the products, the quantities, and the total price for each product
Calculate and print the total price for the order
Compile and run the application to demonstrate a working program.
Insert the screenshots into a Word document, and add a short explanation on each screenshot.
Finally, save your Word document as “yourname_IP2.docx”. Click the “Edit” button on this submission node to submit the saved document.